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I Am Seen

We are here to support mothers and families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss,

by validating their grief, commemorating their little ones, and showing them that they are not alone. 

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About Us

  After losing our little one, Micah, in 2017, we have experienced what it is like to feel alone in grief. A lot of people don't know how to talk about loss, yet so many people have experienced it.

We want to offer support to those who have had a miscarriage, still birth, early infant death or abortion. Through our Online Support Group and Care Boxes, we want to bring a voice to the silent grief. 

We host an annual Seen Remembrance on October 15th, held on the National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Together, we remember our little ones by reading our baby names aloud and lighting a candle, offering support for grieving parents and families. 

Join our Online Support Group on Facebook.  

You are not alone
See where our Care Boxes have helped bring comfort.


Care Boxes have been given out

since September 2022


Seen Remembrance
We held our first annual Seen Remembrance to support families and remember the little ones we have lost.

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