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Baby Name Commemoration

"After losing our little one, although we didn't know our baby's gender by ultrasound, we prayed and felt like ours was a boy. Giving our baby a name gave him an identity and brought validation for us. Now when we talk about our experience, we can use his name and our friends, family and children know who we are talking about." -Alissa

Your baby will always be part of you and your family's story.

If you would like your baby's name to be added to this page of Commemoration, please email it to 

Micah Cowan     Leanora Guinn     Norman Childs     Ronald Card     Janey Petersen     Neil Cowan     Jasper Ryan Feriend    Baby M     Kelly Rae     Joseph Albert Cowan     David Patrick Cowan     Elizabeth     Julissa     Elijah     Angel     Judah  Carson Jamison     Noah Gabriel Hinton     Adriel     Andrew James     Amelie Bacuyani    Angel Babies    Zachary    Trinity    Gwyneth     Evangeline     Avalon     Joshua Immanuel     Hunter Buckley     Alexander     Mia    Rose    Caleb     Ruth        Mailynn Mathers     Maverick Mathers     Haven     Makai Mathers     Violet     Lily     Rose     Natalie    Baby Sissy     Taylor     Malachi Xavier Smith     Emmery Jade     Brayden Grant     David     Essie     Atlas Emmanuel     Tjuli JoAnn   Tov     Shai    Lael     Zion     Carlyn Janet Carter     Ashley Taylor     Josephine Mae     James     Abigail     Sall     Peter     Pippin     Lily     Skye Deliverance     Hannah     Christopher Steven     Ethan     Abi Autumn David     Eden     Charlie     Gabriel     Finn    Daniel Dennis     Eden     Milo

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